If you are like many business owners, your website is failing to meet your expectations.

Unfortunately in today’s online world: Building it is just not enough.

YourSuccessfulWebsite.com was born out of a desire to help the “small fry”—the site owners that can’t afford to hire pricey consultants but have a real desire to succeed online. If you aren’t afraid of rolling up your sleeves and doing a little bit of work—you are in the right place.

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#1: Why User Experience Matters

  • The three critical reasons why user experience matters for your website (you’ll never guess one of them!)
  • The one key thing to focus on to improve your user experience.
  • My Google Analytics Ninja trick to find under performing pages.
  • My three easy steps to evaluate your website’s user experience.
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 #2: Essential WordPress Plugins That You Need to Know About

  #3: Check out my SEO class for Small Business Ownersphotodune-4888723-seo-xs

Kathy Alice Brown

Kathy Alice Brown

I have been a marketing and SEO consultant for more than ten years. I caught the web bug back during the Internet boom years and changed my career track from working with software to working with web technologies. I have a technical background, but technology but itself doesn’t necessary interest me. It’s how you use it to solve business problems that fascinates me.