About Kathy Alice Brown

So you launched your website. Now what? If you are like many business owners, your website is failing to meet your expectations. Unfortunately in today’s online world: Building it is just not enough.

So what do you do? You try Facebook ads and they don’t work. You hire a SEO consultant and after a lot of money your site still doesn’t rank. You waste hours and hours of time on social media and get no leads.

Kathy Alice BrownMy name is Kathy Alice Brown and I am the business owner’s “online marketing secret weapon”. I caught the bug back during the first Internet boom (remember the sock puppet?) and I’ve been in the web space ever since.

I just don’t know one tactic to get you leads, I know many and I am exceptionally good at figuring out what will work for your business.

What I offer


You need an online marketing expert in your corner

  • Struggling with technology? I’ve managed a corporate engineering team and can speak geek fluently.
  • Want to advertise on Facebook or other social media platform? I’m a certified Digital Marketer Customer Acquisition Specialist.
  • Hate to write, having trouble developing your freebie? I’m a published author and have ghost written ebooks and auto responders.
  • Confused by SEO, social and content marketing? For five years I was a marketing consulting to top brands such Bankrate and Kendall Jackson.